Companies that focus on sales of complex industrial products often struggle with the challenges associated with closing new business. Corporate downsizing and a “do more with less” mentality puts great demands on sales teams to do everything from lead generation to lead nurturing to closing deals. Without an organized system to bring in new leads and walk them through the sales process in an organized way, businesses often struggle with inconsistent sales and all the peaks and valleys.

Long sales cycles and narrow markets are just two of the main reasons complex sales are draining on company resources and require a more systematic approach to successfully grow your business. Along with shrinking sales teams, the compounding problem is that the nature of sales has shifted completely, and clients are now able to conduct research on your company and products before they reach out to you – so the techniques you used to rely on to make the phone ring are not as effective. You need to find a way to get in front of clients on this new level.

A new take on lead generation

Smart B2B companies are looking at lead generation systems that help them establish an online presence so that potential clients will find their company as they are conducting their initial research. Once they find you, provide potential clients with multiple ways clients can educate themselves on your product so that they can learn more about you and then reach out to you on their schedule.

From the moment the client first expresses an interest in your company online, you have an opportunity to set up triggers that will keep you “virtually” in front of the client while they research. Deliver the educational information they’re looking for, when they need it, and they will contact you when the time is right.

More than 78 percent of sales are awarded to the company that made first contact and your prospects don’t want to talk to a sales person until well into their research and decision making process. Your challenge is not only to be first but to provide the valuable information your prospects need during their decision process so they will reach out to your sales people.

A properly designed lead generation system works for you 24/7

An industrial lead generation system attracts and educates prospects, generates leads who are interested in what you’re selling, scores leads so that you’re only talking with those most likely to buy, and focuses your sales team’s efforts on these high quality leads.

Doesn’t this sound a lot better than the old fashioned method of reaching out to cold prospects and tapping them on the shoulder with your sales pitch?

We think so. We’ve developed a lead generation system for manufacturers of industrial products that is very effective in generating sales leads by presenting your message to the ideal customer at the right time. HubSpot, Inc., conducted a study in 2013 that showed the methods used in industrial lead generation brought in 54 percent more leads than traditional marketing methods, and we’ve seen similar results for clients that we’ve worked with.

Why does it work so well? You know there are ideal customers out there searching for your product, and you know how hard it is to pinpoint where they are. They’re going to research, read, compare, analyze, and generally snoop about products and contact the companies that present the best case on, websites, social media, and in recommendations from industry peers. The industrial lead generation system puts your company in front of prospects and sparks the sales conversation without requiring time or effort on your part.

For those who harness industrial lead generation properly, the implications are profound. Those who rely on the old methods will likely be left in the dust.

Building the right machine

We all know that setting up the process is the tough part in our industry, and the same is true for an effective lead generation mechanism. The key to an effective system is matching people and companies with the right products at the right moment in the buyer’s journey. This proven method produces the highest percentage of closure rates.

We are experts in developing and calibrating a customized system based on proven inbound marketing methodologies that provide your sales team with sustainable, repeatable leads that are matched to your ideal customer profile without overwhelming your sales team. Our goal is to build a system for you that delivers clients to your door.

If you’re a U.S. manufacturer of industrial products and would like to see if our ILG service is a good fit for your world-class business, we’d like to talk with you. Please begin by filling out our short discovery form here: